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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. I'm glad your Mom is doing good. I'm sure she is happy to be home.

    Thanks for the reply about Courtney. I guess it didn't sound so far fetched for her, so I believed it. Apparently I had my psychos mixed up. Lol
  3. Mom is doing good, thanks. she is home. lots of adjustments have to be made in meds, etc.
    supposedly keith richards did that with his dads cremain. YECH
    no Courtney didn't do that. she did alot of dumb stuff, but at least she didn't do THAT. 1/3 of kurt's ashes are in NY at a buddist temple, some were buried under a willow at the lake washington home(I heard courtney dug that tree up) some were scattered in the Wishkah river.
  4. There is a thread about a person snorting someone's cremains. I remember hearing a rumor at one time that Courtney Love did that with Kurt's cremains. Do you know if it's true or just a rumor? I knew you would know. Thanks!
  5. How is your Mom doing? I hope she is doing well and I'm glad she is home.
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